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Top 4 Super Ski Goggles For Winter 2017

Are you looking for a new pair of ski goggles for this winter? Well you’re in luck as below are 4 of the best ski goggles for winter 2017. From Bolle to Oakley, there is a huge selection of designer ski goggles to choose from. Go from boring and bland, to trendy and cool this year on the slopes.


These frames bellow are extremely trendy and popular this season, and all for an incredibly low price! These goggles are most effective when they are worn on cloudy or sunny days, due to the fact that they don’t have a dark tint.

The goggle’s shape is perfect for a medium to large face.

Bolle Ski Goggles provide an excellent, clear vision, while their Flow-Tech venting keeps them fog-free. This “venting” system will also stop any of the snow and ice from clogging. These goggles also come with an anti-scratch lens, which helps keep the lens clear.

However, another pair of Bolle ski goggles that are slightly more on the expensive side of things is the “Carve” goggles, which come in many colours. Just like the goggles above, these ones also provide an excellent and clear vision. Also, their polycarbonate lenses give off great protection, making sure your eyes stay safe. So, you can ski freely, without the fear of any irritations or fogginess.


These goggles, however, are slightly more expensive than the Bolle goggles. Yet, there is a reason for this. As, these goggles have “dual-Vented Lens with F2 Anti-fog coating” and also “discreet frame notches” at the temple, which provides compatibility with more or less all RX eyewear frames. These goggles also have a “flexible O Matter™ frame”, which helps to fit your face for the most amount of comfort possible.

However, another trendy pair of Oakley goggles are these ones below which are slightly less as expensive than the pair above. As well as being a fair price, the “E-FRAME” Oakley goggles fit most helmets and will suit most face shapes. These goggles also have an “F2 Anti-fog” coating on them, meaning that they will also not fog up when you’re on the snow.

This winter, take on those slopes in style!