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Top 3 Pairs of Male Sunglasses For Winter

We are all expected to wear shades during the summer, but did you know you should also be wearing them during the winter? “Harmful UVA and UVB rays are still present in winter,” said Ashley Bezamat, who is the founder of Dom Vetro. Therefore, shades ought to be worn throughout the year, to shield our eyes from those undetectable rays. The following are the most popular shades, for men, for winter 2017.


Wood-like frames are extremely popular this year, alongside the wayfarer style. To stay aware of all these sunglass trends, you should change your shades each season or if nothing else have a pair for all four. This way you can easily colour coordinate your outfits with both your shades and the current season. These wayfarer frames are ideal for the winter, as they help add some texture to your appearance and keep you looking stylish.


Patterned round shades are an absolute necessity for any man this season. Especially frames which are made from acetate as they are considerably sturdier and will fit better. Patterned frames (particularly round ones) will make an incredible addition to your outfit without making it appear too dramatic or noticeable. Like the textured frames above, patterned frames will add a little something extra to your look, that plain shades can’t do.


Aviators are noticeably standing out amongst all of the other sunglasses, this winter. These shades are ideal for the individuals who cherish snowboarding and skiing, yet don’t love the goggles to such an extent. Dark lenses also help to shut out any additional sun rays, a larger frame stops any breeze from the wind and polarised lenses with anti-reflective coatings will prevent any skiing or snowboarding accidents from happening.

Try not to be tricked into suspecting that shades are just simply to be worn during summer, when its considerably hotter, as this is not true at all. Your eyes require the same amount of protection amid the winter as they do during those hotter days. The shades above are the ideal answers for keeping you on trend and safe this winter.

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