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Fabulous Female Sunglasses For Winter 2017/18

Don’t be fooled into thinking that sunglasses are only for the summer season. A trendy pair of shades are a necessity for all year round. Below are some of the most popular and trendy sunglasses, for women, for winter 2017.

Cat eye

Cat eye sunglasses will forever be an iconic statement to your outfit. These glasses have been and will remain extremely popular for years to come. These frames are extremely flattering (especially on someone with a longer face), these cat-eye sunglasses are extremely chic.


Rounded sunglasses are also extremely popular (especially in the summer and winter seasons). These frames are perfect for ladies with sharper features like a square-shaped face or a more prominent jaw, round sunglasses will help to soften a more sculptured or chiselled face.


Oversized frames are also an excellent option for winter sunnies as they help to piece your outfit together. Oversized rectangular frames specifically are good for a woman that perhaps has a rounder or oval-shaped face, oversized rectangular frames are excellent in balancing out soft facial features.

Don’t forget to buy your new and trendy sunglasses this winter, as they’re not only for summer. Always remember that your eyes need protected from those undetectable rays, all year round.

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